Dealing with Disappointment

Today I experienced a little disappointment.  I spent some time feeling badly for myself.  I remembered reading somewhere that a good thing to do in times like this was to write about the things you are grateful for.  I believe this helps put things in perspective and reminds you that this feeling of disappointment will pass.  So, here are the things in my life that I am grateful for today.

1.  An Awesome KaiaFit Workout-A half an hour of power, and then another half hour of yoga.

2.  Crazy Hat and Crazy Sock Day-Today was a spirit day at the school I work at.  Today we could wear our crazy hats and/or socks.  It was awesome to see the creativity among some of the students.  I wore my black cowboy hat with the “bling” on it.  A parent of a former student actually gave it to me when I told her how much I admired it.

3.  Fun and simple art project-My 2nd graders completed an art project that was fun and simple.  It involved drawing chalk and Kleenex.  My students made beautiful spring flowers to beautify our classroom.

4.  The musical, Merrily We Roll Along-I was able to see a performance of this musical with two of my daughters at the high school.  I really didn’t feel like going to the show tonight.  However, I had promised my oldest daughter, Cassie, that we could go tonight.  My youngest daughter, Allison, wanted to come along.  So, the three of us went out to dinner and watched the show.  I am so happy I shared this time with my daughters.

5.  Rain-When we left the theater, it started to rain.  I love the smell of the rain when it first starts falling.  We need the rain in Southern California.  The earth will be fresh and clean.

6.  The Support of Friends-Man, I have amazing friends.  They are there to support me in good times and in bad.  My friends are ready to pump me up when my ego has taken a beating.  They remind me how much I am appreciated and loved.

7.  My Wonderful Family-My three girls were exceptionally nice to me today.  They gave me all the hugs I needed, sometimes without being asked to.  My husband, Kevin, validated my feelings.  He shared in my disappointment, but he didn’t let me wallow in it.

Reading my list makes me realize I have much to be thankful for.  In the whole grand scheme of things, this disappointment is just a little blip on my radar.  If I wake up feeling badly tomorrow, I am going to try using this technique again.  It really works.  I am feeling a little better already.  🙂


#Nerdlution Challenge Day 4

What to write?  Tonight, I have no idea.  But, it is the 4th day of my #nerdlution challenge.  I have challenged myself to write something on my blog for 50 straight days.

I was talking to my friend on the telephone about this challenge.  I told her I didn’t have anything to write about tonight.  “I am having a writer’s block,” I explained.  I went on to tell her about the things I have posted so far and how it has helped me get in contact with people I didn’t know before.  She told me I should write about that.

So, here I am.  Through my blog, I have communicated with people I have never met.  When I first started this blog, I thought I was only writing it for family, friends, and myself.  However, I have learned that I am speaking to many more people outside of my immediate circle.  I don’t know why this never dawned on me.  In any case, two days ago I wrote about an assembly at my school given by the Dairy Council of California.  Someone from the council asked if they could use my story for their website or their newsletter.  I asked how she knew of my blog (I have never met the woman.).  She said she does a media search.  My blog came up, and she commented.  That was amazing.

Last night, I blogged about my former students coming to visit me after school.  I heard from Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax), and he commented on my story.  You can also visit his blog by clicking here.  He is also participating in the #nerdlution challenge.  He wants to comment to different blogs each day.  I just happened to be his 4th comment!  I love how this challenge is bringing people together.

And with that, I will officially end my #nerdlution challenge for today.  Day 4. . . Done!