Call Me Crazy

Okay, don’t really call me crazy.  However, I did something that I have never done before.  I ran up Torrey Pines hill two days in a row!  I know.  CRAZY!  Here is a picture of one part of the hill.

TP hill

It’s hard to get the full effect unless you are actually standing there.  And, my iPhone camera does not do it justice.  The hill continues on and curves around until you get to the Visitor’s Center at the top.  Then it eventually levels off.

I already ran Torrey Pines yesterday.  I usually go for my runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  However, I decided to sleep in on Thursday and then my car needed an oil change.  There was just no time Thursday morning to get my run in.  I wanted to go run at Torrey Pines on Friday, but my friend, Heather, was working that day.  She said she could go on Saturday.  I realized that I might need to be available on Saturday to pick my mother up from Los Angeles, so I went for my Torrey Pines run on Friday, without Heather.  When I arrived home, my friend Nicole texted me (and Heather) and asked if anyone was up for a Torrey Pines run on Saturday or Sunday.  I voted Sunday, because I just ran the hill.  Then, we all remembered there was a 1/2 marathon being run on Sunday, and it ends in Torrey Pines.  A Sunday run was out of the question.  I texted them and said I was going to opt out.  I didn’t think I could run the hill two days in a row.  But, you know how it is with peer pressure.  Besides, it would be a fun time spent with friends.  Here is a picture of Heather and Nicole on the Guy Fleming Trail today.


On a good day, I could not keep up with my friends.  Heather (on the left) is a runner.  Nicole is also very athletic.  I knew this, so I brought my earphones with me so I could listen to Kanye West’s Stronger as I ran up the hill.  I just kept repeating that song until I got to the top.  I went further up the hill today than I did yesterday, so I was pretty happy with myself!  I walked the few yards up to the Visitor’s Center because my calves were cramping up.  Not even Kanye West could push me all the way up to the top!  Of course, Nicole and Heather made it up with no problem.  They doubled back to meet me as I was slogging up the hill.  We kept running to the edge of the Torrey Pines golf course before we turned around to run the Guy Fleming Trail and back down the hill to Nicole’s car.  Here is the picture of them running down the hill.  I was feeling nothing but joy to be running down the hill and not up.  🙂


After our run, we were hungry.  We wanted to stop and grab a bite, but no one brought any money, except for me.  I had 20 bucks.  Nicole dug around in her car and found a dollar bill and some spare change.  I remembered I had the Starbuck’s app on my iPhone and I had saved my gift cards on it.  We were able to get tea and coffee at Starbucks, and we had enough money to buy bagels at Einstein Bros.  Here is a picture of Nicole’s money.


I bet the cashier was thinking, “Oh brother!”

It was a fun morning.  I can’t believe I pushed myself to run up this hill again.  I was glad I got to share that with my buddies.  I am pretty sure I am going to be sore this evening.  Luckily, I have already made an appointment to get a massage.  I am looking forward to my next adventure with these fun gals.