What Can You Do In One Minute?

I posed this question to my students the other day in math.  They had some grand ideas.  I even let some of them try their predictions.  When you think about it.  A minute of time doesn’t seem like very much.  However, when you put those individual minutes together, it becomes a long period of time.  I try to get this point across to my students, especially during transition times in my classroom.  It seems like taking a minute or two to transition from one activity to the next is no big deal.  But, when we look at the big picture, those transition minutes eat into our learning and discovery time.  That’s why I practice tight transitions in my classroom.  Sometimes I time the students to see how quickly (and quietly) they can do it.  I post our time on the board and then, we try to break it the next time around.  My second graders get pretty excited about this.  Most of the time, our transitions are under a minute.  That’s pretty good.

A minute of time doesn’t seem long, but you can make the most of it if you have it.  Things I can do in one minute:  Tell my kids how much I love and appreciate them.  Write a note to a friend who needs encouragement.  Eat a just-baked cookie my daughter pulled out of the oven (Two minutes if I eat two!)  🙂  Tweet something out on Twitter.  Be still and appreciate the many blessings I have in my life.  What can you do in one minute?