Out of My Element

We are visiting my in-laws in Ellicott City, MD.  As a Southern California girl, I am definitely out of my element.  However, I find myself battling with the elements.  I am talking about the cold weather and SNOW!  Here is the temperature at the time I am typing this.


 I am not used to this.  When I left home, the weather was 80 degrees and sunny.  It’s a bit of a shock to my system.  I like warm, tropical weather.  However, I love seeing the snow piled up on the side of the road.  I love to see the snow on the rooftops.  It’s not something I am used to seeing everyday.

My kids are enjoying spending time with their cousins.  They spent the whole morning sledding on homemade jumps made in the backyard.  They would stay out there all day if we didn’t call them in to eat lunch.  They love it!  Don’t they look like they fit in here?  You would never guess that I had to drive to three different stores before we left to find snow boots!  I am glad we found them.  🙂


This morning, I went for a short walk (short because I was freezing), around my sister-in-law’s neighborhood.  I am trying not to let the cold weather deter me from spending time outside.  It was early, so it was quiet.  I took my time to appreciate the scenery.  It’s amazing how the snow makes everything look pristine.  I was glad I had my sunglasses on, since the sun reflecting off the snow was bright.



I tried to imagine what it would be like to live here.  When it snows, everything slows down.  I can’t picture it.  I need my beach and sunshine.  If I had to, I am sure I would get used to it.  For now, I am enjoying my visit here, but I am also thinking about the palm trees and warmer temperatures waiting for me back home.