Dropped the Ball

I dropped the ball yesterday.  I didn’t get a chance to post to my blog.  The day got away from me somehow.  I left work late, yet again.  When I got home, I was busy being a mom to three girls.  Clarinet tutoring, dinner, and various homework questions had to be dealt with.  Before I knew it, it was past my bedtime.  I was so tired, I just decided to go to bed and call it a night.  This morning I woke up tired.  It could have something to do with the fact that I woke up early to go to my 5:00 A.M. workout.  For some reason, when I know I am going to have to get up early the next morning, I cannot get right to sleep.  It seemed I was awake for a long bit of time before I actually dozed off.  In any case, I was tired the whole day.

School went well.  This is a picture of what greeted me first thing in the morning when the school bell rang.


A little editing is needed, but the sentiment is beautiful.  I am forever telling my students that I am not interested in excuses.  I am only interested in solutions, or silotions, as one of my students wrote!  I love how this particular student took the time to make this creative sign.  It was obviously something that resonated with her.  Oddly enough, she is one of the students who has had trouble turning in her homework on a consistent basis.  After we had this “no excuses” talk, I found she was making a sincere effort to get her assignments turned in.  Maybe this saying meant something to her.

I love teaching 2nd grade.  Students at this age are still willing to please their teacher.  They internalize everything you say.  You never know what kind of impact your words can have on students.  I can only hope I am making their 2nd grade experience a memorable one.  Last month I blogged about how my former students, who are now 4th graders, still come back to visit me.  Today three of them came to see me just to check in and see how my day went.  I love this time.  They ask me how I am doing.  I ask them how they are doing.  Yesterday, they came in and told me about the field trip they went on.  Today, the thing that tickled me most is that before they entered my classroom they touched my “Learn Like a Champion Today” sign.  This is a ritual my students do every morning.  They touch my sign to remind them how they are supposed to act when they enter the room.


My former students don’t have to touch that sign anymore, but I suppose they still feel the importance of that ritual. I thought that was pretty special.