A Very Good Sunday

This Sunday turned out to be very good indeed.  I was able to sleep in today.  No getting up early to run for me this morning.  Instead I stayed in bed and read a little bit of Falling In Love with Close Reading, by Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts.  It helped me get pumped up for school tomorrow.  I can’t wait to try out some of the new ideas I learned from the book with my 2nd grade students.

Close Reading

Next, the San Diego Chargers played the Cincinatti Bengals in the first round of the AFC play-off game.  It was not a blowout, but it was not a nail biter either.  The Chargers won in Cincinatti by a score of 27-10.  It was an early game on the west coast (10:00 A.M.), so I was happy for the rest of the day!  Go Bolts!

As an extra bonus, immediately following the Charger game, the San Diego State University Men’s Basketball team played the Kansas University Jayhawks.  Since I am an SDSU Aztec alumni, I watched that game, too.  I was happy that the Aztecs beat the Jayhawks by a score of 61-57.  This one was not a close game until the last few minutes of the game.  It came down to the wire, but the Aztecs held on to win.  Go Aztecs!

Yes, it was a very good Sunday.  I got my fill of sports today.  My teams won, so that was a plus.  🙂  Now, I am going to go to bed early.  I am going to need lots of energy as I go back to work tomorrow after a two week break.   Vacation over.  Game over.