Weekend Work

Weekends are for relaxing and taking a break from work, right?  My Saturday started out that way.  I decided to sleep in and read my People magazine.  Now that school has started, these are things I rarely get to do.

After reading my magazine, I was going to get up and tackle the “work” I brought home with me on Friday.  Friday is a minimum day at school in that the students leave at 12:55.  You would think I could get a lot done on a minumum day.  Typically I do.  However, for one reason or another, time just slipped away from me on Friday.  In fact, I did not leave school until 5:00 P.M.  I could have kept on working.  I swear I could find fifty more things to complete.  I decided to bring things home to finish (cutting student photos, stapling packets for Back To School Night, making labels).

I had every intention of starting my mini-projects, but my friend texted me to see if I wanted to go shopping.  That sounded better than what I had in mind, so we went shopping.  When I got home, I was exhausted, so I took a little power nap.  My family went to the beach, but I told them I had work to do (I missed a fun day at the beach.).  I was just getting ready to cut those student photos, when I noticed I had forgotten the pile of work I meant to do. . . at school!

At this point, I looked at my cell phone.  That’s when I saw I had a message on my voice mail.  It was another friend of mine from work who left a message.  She had a couple of questions regarding work.  I called her back, and in the course of the conversation, she mentioned she bought a wireless printer for her classroom that was on sale at Target.  I had wanted a new printer for my classroom, so I hustled to Target to buy one.  I stopped to install it in my classroom on the way home (I thought I could also pick up the folders I had forgotten from Friday.).  That took a few hours.  I was trying to get it to work wirelessly so I can print things from my iPad.  I did not have the appropriate numbers or password to do that, so I had to install the printer using a USB cable.  I decided to let the tech person at work figure out the whole wireless thing for me on Monday and headed back home.

Arriving home, I started cutting those darn photos.  My phone alerted me to a text message stating that the Charger/Cardinals football game had started.  I had to watch that, so I cut the photos and stapled my packets while watching the pre-season game.  My family returned from the beach, and my husband barbecued chicken for dinner.  I took a break from “work” and enjoyed my family for the duration of the evening.

Now, I am posting to this blog well after midnight.  So, I have officially skipped another day of blogging consecutively for 30 days!  Grrr.  I am not doing so well with this challenge.  I will most likely blog again this evening.

What have I learned from all this?  Well, for one thing, I should turn off my phone so I don’t get distracted by it.  Secondly, I shouldn’t bring work home!  I should enjoy my weekends away from work.  Lastly, spending time with my family is a lot better than doing schoolwork!  I am going to try really hard to live by these lessons.  But, not this weekend.  I still have work to complete.  I will begin next weekend!