Ready Or Not

This is my last official weekend of summer vacation. On Monday begins a new school year. I have spent most of this week getting organized. I started by putting the furniture back together. Everything gets moved around because the custodian cleans the carpets. Once I got the desks, chairs, and tables in place, I spent my time looking in cabinets trying to remember where I shoved items on the last day of school. I was in such a hurry to get home and start my summer vacation that I just started storing things in random places. That’s bad because I can’t remember where things are when I return to my classroom. I laugh at where I find things. The small mesh trash can that I keep under my desk was on the third shelf of the cabinet where I keep my copy paper and manila file folders. At first I believed someone stole my little white trash can. Then I thought, “Who would want to steal a white, mesh trash can?” The answer is no one. No one would want to steal my trash can.

Journals, folders, and various school supplies have been placed on student desks. Pencils have been sharpened. My classroom is ready to go. But, the big question is am I? This is the first time in 25 years that I am not feeling some kind of anxiety about the start of school. Maybe it is because my classroom is put togther. I even had time today to think about my plans for the first three days of school (I start on Monday, but students arrive on Wednesday.). I copied the necessary papers I will need for next week. I was so productive, I started organizing my notes and Power Point slides for Back To School Night (Sometimes I amaze even myself!).

There is a kind of peace when you know that you are prepared for what is to come. But, I don’t think people can prepare themselves for everything. Life throws surprises sometimes, and we have to be flexible. So, the answer to my question is I don’t know if I am ready for next week. However, I’m feeling calm and at peace. I am as ready as I’ll ever be.