The Chargers Are Out

I am waiting for 2014 to get better.  It’s still early, so I am very optimistic.  My San Diego Chargers lost today in the divisional playoffs.  I don’t really want to talk (or write) about it.  Their loss to the Denver Broncos stung a bit since we beat them a few months earlier.  This means they are out of the playoffs and their journey to the Super Bowl has ended.  It has put a damper on my Sunday evening.  I wish the outcome would have been different.  I was really hoping they would win.  I even got my nails done in Charger blue this morning.  Oh well.  They weren’t even supposed to make it this far.  The start to the season was pretty dismal.  So, I guess this year is considered to be a success.  There is always next year.  It sure was a fun ride.  Thank you, Chargers, for making this an exciting season.  I look forward to the next one!


A Very Good Sunday

This Sunday turned out to be very good indeed.  I was able to sleep in today.  No getting up early to run for me this morning.  Instead I stayed in bed and read a little bit of Falling In Love with Close Reading, by Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts.  It helped me get pumped up for school tomorrow.  I can’t wait to try out some of the new ideas I learned from the book with my 2nd grade students.

Close Reading

Next, the San Diego Chargers played the Cincinatti Bengals in the first round of the AFC play-off game.  It was not a blowout, but it was not a nail biter either.  The Chargers won in Cincinatti by a score of 27-10.  It was an early game on the west coast (10:00 A.M.), so I was happy for the rest of the day!  Go Bolts!

As an extra bonus, immediately following the Charger game, the San Diego State University Men’s Basketball team played the Kansas University Jayhawks.  Since I am an SDSU Aztec alumni, I watched that game, too.  I was happy that the Aztecs beat the Jayhawks by a score of 61-57.  This one was not a close game until the last few minutes of the game.  It came down to the wire, but the Aztecs held on to win.  Go Aztecs!

Yes, it was a very good Sunday.  I got my fill of sports today.  My teams won, so that was a plus.  🙂  Now, I am going to go to bed early.  I am going to need lots of energy as I go back to work tomorrow after a two week break.   Vacation over.  Game over.

The Chargers Win!!!

Oh my gosh.  I just got done watching the San Diego Chargers beat the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to the playoffs.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  My daughter, Allison, was worried about me.  I told her to be ready to call 911 if I suddenly passed out.  I am happy to report that we won!  Our next game will be against the Cincinnati Bengals.

This was a wild and crazy game.  All during the game, I am texting my friend, Heather, and my brother-in-law, Joel.  The game went into overtime and I thought I was going to lose my mind.  When we finally won, I was so elated.  My family thought I was going crazy.  I was just so happy.  It was a great game.

The best thing is that the Chargers are still alive.  Amazing.  I didn’t think it was possible.  My friend, Heather, never lost the faith.  She’s a lot better than I am.  All I know is I am looking forward to the next game.  I hope we win!  Go Chargers!!


Happy Friday

This has been a great day.  No, nothing exciting happened.  I didn’t win the lottery.  I am just happy it is Friday.  I am definitely ready to start my weekend.

I woke up in a great mood.  The San Diego Chargers beat the Denver Broncos last night.  And, I carried that good feeling with me into today.  I knew they could do it!  🙂

School went well.  I did an art project with my students based on a painting by Li T’ang.  The painting was called Man and Child on Buffalo.  My students painted trees in the style of Li T’ang.  We used sticks to paint the trees.  I forgot to take pictures of my students’ paintings.  However, here is the print we studied before we did the project.

It was also minimum day at my school.  The students are dismissed at 12:55.  I was able to get a lot accomplished after school, in spite of having a 2nd grade team meeting.  And, I actually left work at a reasonable time.
Tonight, my daughter has a band concert.  It starts at 7:00 P.M. and lasts about 2 hours.  It will be a nice ending to a good day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, just like I did.

Football Fan

Tonight my team (San Diego Chargers) are playing the Denver Broncos.  I am not sure when I became a fan of the Chargers.  I think it was when I first moved to San Diego from Meridian, Mississipi.  I was 8 years old.  How did I come to follow the Chargers?  Well, my mom joined the church choir at our local Catholic church.  They lovingly called themselves the “High Noon” choir.  That’s because they sang at the 12:00 mass.  As a child, I remember going with my mom to the Saturday night practices.  These happened at choir members’ homes.  Everyone would take a turn hosting the practice.  There was singing.  Then, there was dinner.  After dinner, that’s when the card tables and chairs would come out.  All the adults got themselves ready to play Mahjong.  Don’t ask me how to play, because I don’t know how.  No matter how often I watched, I could not pick up how to play.  In the meantime, the children of the choir members would hang out.  We would sing along to record albums.  When we were old enough to drive, we’d take ourselves to the movie theater.  On Sunday, the choir would sing.  If the Chargers were playing, we would go to someone’s house after church to watch the game and the adults would play more Mahjong.  I think this was the start of my love affair with the San Diego Chargers.  It’s more a love-hate relationship.  🙂

If I am to be honest, I believe my love of football came from my father.  I remember sitting on the couch with him to watch the Charger games on TV.  He always hoped the Chargers would win the Super Bowl one day.  They had their chance in 1994 when they played the San Fransisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX.  But, they lost 49-26.  I can still hear Kathie Lee Gifford telling Regis Philbin on their TV show how her husband, Frank Gifford, was so bored watching this Super Bowl.  Whatever, Kathie Lee!  Anyway, if the Chargers ever win a Super Bowl, my brother, sister, and I will go to dad’s grave and place a Charger pennant there.  The way the Chargers are playing, they may not even win a Super Bowl in my lifetime.  My children already have instructions to place a pennant on their grandfather’s grave, and then, they need to place one on my grave, too!  🙂

So, here I sit, trying to keep busy.  It is hard to be a fan when your team is having a lousy season.  Statistically, there is a very slim, and I mean slim chance, that they can beat the Goliath of football, Peyton Manning.  That slim chance is what keeps me hanging on and hoping.  I am refusing to watch the TV coverage of the game.  I am, however, DVRing it.  I do have the radio on and am listening to local coverage of the game.  If they win, I will watch it.  If they lose, I will delete.  It pains me too much to watch my team lose.  Right now, the game is tied 10-10.  Go Chargers!  🙂