Made It!

It’s day 50 of the #nerdlution challenge!  I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for starting my challenge of blogging for 50 days straight.  All in all, I only managed to miss one day of posting on my blog.  Even though I am not 100%, I still think that is pretty good.  As I reflect on this whole process, a few things stand out in my mind.  First of all, I have managed to connect with so many people.  Most I have never met.  It feels good to get validation that what I have written connects with others.  Secondly, I feel great that I remained committed to meeting my goal of blogging every day for 50 days.  Even when I missed one day, I didn’t give up or beat myself up about it.  I just picked up where I left off and kept going.  Finally, even when I thought I didn’t have anything to write about, I still managed to get something down on my blog.

Since it is Martin Luther King’s Birthday today.  I would like to end with one of his inspirational quotes that pretty much sums up how I feel about this challenge.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

No truer words have ever been spoken.  Even though this challenge is over, I am going to keep moving forward.  I am going to continue to blog and write about my experiences in and out of the classroom.  I want to thank everyone who has followed me this far.  There aren’t many of you, but I want to thank you for all the support and positive feedback!  🙂


A Stumble

I am so disappointed that I stumbled yesterday and did not post anything to my blog.  I am just at the end of the 50 day nerdlution challenge.  I think this is day 41.  It bums me out that I did not make the goal of blogging for 50 days straight, especially since the finish was in sight.  Oh well, I just have to pick myself up and keep going until the challenge is over.  I believe that would be on January 20th.  My daughters said maybe I could post something twice today to make up for the one I missed yesterday.  So, that is what I am going to do.

I could have easily made the decision to just give up.  I didn’t make my goal, so I am just going to quit.  But, it would bother me that I didn’t carry it out.  I have been thinking a lot about my students.  I am pretty sure some of them come to me with this attitude.  A lot of times I hear, “This is hard.” Or, “I can’t do this.”  They don’t even want to attempt it if it is too challenging.  How do I get them to keep trying and persevere?  That is a big challenge for me.  Keeping students motivated to keep going even when things seem tough.

All I know is that I will keep working on giving my students the support they need.  I want to make sure everyone is working to their full potential.  I will help them see how close they are to reaching their goals in my classroom.  I will encourage them to keep trying and not give up.

#Nerdlution Challenge Update

I just realized this is Day 26 of my 50 day #nerdlution challenge.  That means I am more than halfway through with this challenge.  I started the challenge back on December 2nd.  I decided I would post something to my blog every day for 50 days straight.  So far I have been on track.  It has been a challenge.  Some days I do not know what to write about.  I will sit in front of my computer and realize I hadn’t done anything interesting.  I just went back and read my previous posts.  I am amazed that I have been able to keep up with this challenge for 26 days now.  I think part of the reason I am successful is that I am on vacation right now.  I can sit down at the computer whenever I want and write.  This might be more difficult to do when school starts up again.  However, I am really going to give it my best effort to complete this challenge.  I mean, if I could keep up with my blog while I was at Disneyland, I am pretty sure I can continue posting after school starts again.  Right?

I am also wondering how other folks are doing with their #nerdlution challenges.  When the challenge first began, I saw a lot of tweets on Twitter.  People were sharing what they would be doing for the 50 days.  I wonder if they were able to keep it up.  I wonder how people are feeling now that we are more than halfway through.  I am going to have to do some investigating with this.

All I know is that I am pretty proud of myself for trying to stick with it.  I wonder what will happen after the 50 days are up.  I believe the end of the challenge is on January 20th.  I remember reading somewhere that it takes about 3 weeks for a behavior to become a habit.  I would say that I am definitely over that 3 week window.  I hope I will just keep on writing even after I am done with the challenge.  Or, maybe I will just have to come up with a new one for myself.

Photos and Traditions

This weekend my husband and I took our three kids to Disneyland.  My first thought was how am I going to keep up with my #nerdlution challenge?  But, here I am iPad in hand, posting to my blog for Day 6 of the challenge!  I started out the morning with an invitation to write a haiku by Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax).  Since I am at Disneyland, here is my haiku.

Haiku from Disney
The happiest place on Earth
Long lines await me

We actually got here on Friday night.  I tried taking pictures with my iPhone of all the holiday decorations they put up.  But, for some reason, my night photographs don’t turn out very well.  I have to talk to my friend, Kim Douillard (Thinking Through My Lens).  She is an expert at taking pictures with her iPhone.  I don’t know why I keep getting a shadow of light when I take pictures with my iPhone at night.  And, how do I get rid of it?   I decided to stop taking pictures and wait until the next morning  to take them.

The next morning I decided to take pictures of the same things I photographed the night before.  Here are pictures of the Christmas tree and the garland across Main Street.



I love Disneyland over the holidays.  I love the decorations.  It’s a tradition I share with my brother, and sister, and their children.  I am trying to enjoy every moment, because I realize as my daughters get older, these moments will be few and far between.  Soon, my kids will be going off to college.  Hopefully, they will get married and have kids of their own.  I hope my daughters can continue this tradition, maybe with their children.  Who knows?  For now, I am happy in the Happiest Place on Earth.  🙂

#Nerdlution Challenge Day 4

What to write?  Tonight, I have no idea.  But, it is the 4th day of my #nerdlution challenge.  I have challenged myself to write something on my blog for 50 straight days.

I was talking to my friend on the telephone about this challenge.  I told her I didn’t have anything to write about tonight.  “I am having a writer’s block,” I explained.  I went on to tell her about the things I have posted so far and how it has helped me get in contact with people I didn’t know before.  She told me I should write about that.

So, here I am.  Through my blog, I have communicated with people I have never met.  When I first started this blog, I thought I was only writing it for family, friends, and myself.  However, I have learned that I am speaking to many more people outside of my immediate circle.  I don’t know why this never dawned on me.  In any case, two days ago I wrote about an assembly at my school given by the Dairy Council of California.  Someone from the council asked if they could use my story for their website or their newsletter.  I asked how she knew of my blog (I have never met the woman.).  She said she does a media search.  My blog came up, and she commented.  That was amazing.

Last night, I blogged about my former students coming to visit me after school.  I heard from Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax), and he commented on my story.  You can also visit his blog by clicking here.  He is also participating in the #nerdlution challenge.  He wants to comment to different blogs each day.  I just happened to be his 4th comment!  I love how this challenge is bringing people together.

And with that, I will officially end my #nerdlution challenge for today.  Day 4. . . Done!

Setting Goals

A few days ago, my friend Kim retweeted something on Twitter that caught my eye.  It was something about #nerdlution.  I was intrigued by this and wanted to find out more.  Apparently, #nerdlution is one or more tasks that you are willing to take on for 50 days.  It goes from December 2nd to January 20th.  Here is a website with more information about it and how it started.

I am interested in this goal setting.  So, I am going to try to meet this challenge by writing something on my blog for 50 days.  I am going to write even if it is only a paragraph.  I haven’t been very consistent with this lately.  I think this will force me to pay attention and be in the moment each day.  Certainly, there will be something I can write about every day.

Tomorrow it is back to work after having a week off for Thanksgiving Break.  I am looking forward to getting back to my classroom.  What goals can I set for myself there?  What goals can I accomplish with my students?  We shall see!