Morning Routine

At the beginning of the month, my friend Kim, posed a question on her blog post Good Morning.  She asked, “What says good morning to you?”  Then, yesterday in my class it was Wonder Wednesday.  My class and I visit the website Wonderopolis.  Each day the site posts a Wonder of the Day.  My students and I read about the wonder and then we respond to it in our writing journals.  In any case, I did not like the wonder for this day, so I chose a different one from the site’s archive.  The one I selected was about fruit.  The wonder asked, “Are all fruits juicy?’  It was a great one to think about because it not only talked about fruit and juice, but it talked about morning routines.  I immediately connected it to my friend, Kim’s, blog.  So, I am writing about what my morning routine looks like on most days and what says good morning to me.

Most days I get up early to swim or run before work.  When I get up it is still dark outside.  It can be a bit scary, but then I often see the same people running or walking at the same time I do.  Here is what it looks like at the pool where I swim sometimes and the view from the top of the hill where I turn around to head back home on my morning walk/run.

image           image

I told you it was dark!  When I get home, I have just enough time to shower, dress, and get myself to work.  But first, I make my morning cup of coffee.


Some mornings I am part of a carpool that goes to the middle school where my daughter attends.  My job is to pick kids up two times a week and deliver them to school before the bell rings.  Then, I can finally head to work.  I actually enjoy getting to work because it gives me a chance to relax, meditate, and get myself together before my students arrive.  With three children trying to get off to school, mornings can be hectic at my house.  Getting to work means, I can actually sit down and eat my breakfast.


Well, that’s it for my morning routine.  I am glad to share the images of what says good morning to me with all of you.  🙂