Fantastic Friday

This was a fantastic day.  We started the day out with our annual “Otter Trot”, a jogathon to raise money for our school’s PTA.  The money raised from this event will help pay for our P.E. aide.  I actually managed to run a few laps even with my strained hamstring.  I probably should have taken it easy, but I didn’t want this to be the first year where I didn’t get to run.  My hamstring was screaming at me the whole time, but hey.  No pain, no gain.

The next fantastic thing that happened was Genius Hour.  I was really nervous about how this whole thing was going to work.  I think the hardest part about it was getting all the students who brought devices connected to the school’s wifi.  Thank goodness I had parent helpers in the room who could help troubleshoot.  Once the students got connected, it was amazing how engaged they were.  I had students come up with questions about their topic ahead of time so that they could use our Genius Hour time wisely.  I am very impressed by some of the ideas my students came up with.  One student is researching the guitar.  Another student wants to know about crash test dummies.  Still another student wants to learn how to make her own video.  And, a different student wants to start her own on-line business.  I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am excited nonetheless.  I can’t wait to see what the final projects are going to look like.

Finally, the winter edition of the SDAWP Dialogue is out.  My fellow SDAWP fellows were highlighted in this issue.  My friend Ana Martinez Reyes wrote a piece about how English learners need authentic writing experiences.  She mentioned me in her article and printed some of my students’ work.  I am so proud of all my friends who wrote for this publication.  I am going to print the Dialogue up and post it in my staff lounge.  Of course, I am going to highlight where I am mentioned.  🙂

This was an amazing day.