Letting Go

Yesterday, my class released two of our Monarch butterflies.  We had just finished watching a short video on the migration of the Monarch butterfly.  We learned that they migrate to the same place in Mexico when the weather gets colder.  My students decided that it would be best to let the butterflies make that journey to Mexico.

We walked out to an area of the school known as the reading garden.  It was built in honor of a teacher who had passed away a few years ago.  It is a beautiful spot with benches and flowering plants.  My students sat quietly while I undid the clasps that held the net over our butterfly habitat.  There was a loud cheer when the butterflies finally made their way out into the open air.  We had attracted quite a crowd.  There were several students who were not in my class watching the release take place.

It was a sweet moment.  I couldn’t help but think of all the times I just had to let go.  I like to think that I can take on many different tasks all at once.  I make myself crazy trying to keep up with everything.  Since I started my journey towards my administrative credential, I have had to let go of a few things.  I feel bad about it, but I know in the long-run it is for the best.  I have learned that it can be difficult to make tough decisions.  But, with every decision there is peace.