Mentor Text Challenge #3 Who Hops?

This month the mentor text I would like to share is Who Hops? by Katie Davis.  The book itself follows a predictable pattern.

Who hops?  Frogs hop.  Rabbits hop.  Kangaroos hop.  Cows hop.  No they don’t!  Cows moo and give milk, but they don’t hop!

The text goes on to ask the reader who flies, slithers, swims, and crawls.  Each section following the same basic pattern by giving examples of animals who do that action and then suggesting an animal who doesn’t do that action.

I have been able to use this text to talk about the different types of sentences there are, i.e. declarative, exclamatory, and interrogative.  I have also used the text to talk about sentence structure.  Since the sentences here are simple, we were able to notice that a sentence must have a person or thing doing an action.  I will get into “actionless” verbs a bit later.  We also talked about how we could stretch out the simple sentence by using a prepositional phrase.  However, I am not requiring my students to know what prepositions are.  In fact, one of my students came up with the term “sentence stretcher” as a definition for what a preposition does.  We also played around with placing the sentence stretcher at the beginning of the sentence to see how that changes things.

There were so many things I could do with this one book.  I go to it every year when I want my students to understand what sentences are and how we can add detail to our sentences.  Right now, I am wondering if my students could use this frame to demonstrate what they know about something we are learning about in science or math.  Hmmm.  There are many possibilities.