Saturday School

Today I attended the second session of my Instructional Leadership class.  We discussed high-quality teaching and learning.  At the heart of high-quality teaching and learning is the instructional core.  The instructional core is the relationship between student, teacher, and content.  Each part is connected in that when you change one area, the other two naturally change.  At the heart of the core is the learning task.  The task is not based on what we think students should be doing, but rather on what they are actually asked to do.

We also talked about how instructional leaders develop teacher expertise.  We practiced scripting notes.  Our notes had to be descriptive and not judgemental.  In another class, we will discuss how to analyze and evaluate based on our descriptive notes.  The 5 dimensions of teaching and learning were also discussed.  These dimensions and the 13 subdimensions that go along with them need to guide our scripting.  An assignment I must complete for this class is to observe 2 different teachers for 15 minutes and practice taking my descriptive notes.  Then, I need to analyze them according to a few guiding questions and submit everything to my teachers.

It was a long day.  My brain is officially fried.  I need to take a break, so I am typing this blog post.  After this, I am going to put the books away for the night.  I find that my work suffers when I am tired.  Tomorrow, or next week, I can approach everything with fresh eyes and a renewed energy.  So, with that I will say good night.  🙂