A Short Post

I don’t really feel much like posting anything today.  My aunt is in the hospital tonight.  She’s been there for a few days.  Apparently, she had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.  My aunt is 82 years old.  I just heard from my cousin and she informed me that my aunt isn’t doing well at all.  Her vital signs are not improving.  So now, my brother, sister, and I are trying to coordinate. We have to get my mother to Los Angeles where my aunt is.  It is early evening here.  Visiting hours are over at the hospital.  I believe my brother will take my mom tomorrow morning.

I am very upset by this news, but not as upset as my mother.  This is my mom’s only sister.  They had a large family in the Philippines.  I learned that there were 12 of them altogether, but only 4 of them survived growing up in the province of Lemery, Batangas.  2 brothers and 2 sisters.  Mom is the youngest.  My two uncles passed away several years ago, so it has always been my mom and my aunt.  I am thinking that soon mom will be the only one.

This news has made me realize what is important, especially at this time of the year.  The connections we make with others outweighs all the pretty packages that are wrapped under my tree.  You can’t take anyone forgranted.  I am going to make sure I take time to give hugs and tell the people who are important to me how much I love them.    That’s what is important.


How Lucky Can I Be?

I am very fortunate to have people around me that I can call girlfriends. Two events this week reminded me how lucky I am to have these women in my life. There are two groups of gals I get together with on a consistent basis. When life gets hectic, these women are there to help me slow down my pace. They help me realize how important our connection really is.

Last night I spent a wonderful evening with girlfriends who belong to my book club. We decide on a book to read and then we gather at someone’s home for dinner, wine,  and conversation.  We lovingly refer to ourselves as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Party.  One evening, when the book club met at my house, my husband made a comment to us.  He said it didn’t sound like we were talking about the book.  It’s true.  Some of our conversation is based on the book, but the majority of our discussion is based on what is happening in our lives with work (we’re all educators) or with family.  Most of the women in this group I have known for 24 years.  That’s a long time.

On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to enjoy a Girls’ Night Out with my neighborhood girlfriends.  Again, we try to get together once a month to enjoy a movie or celebrate birthdays.  We have even gone on vacations togther.  On several occasions we have traveled to New York City for a fun girls’ weekend.  While there we run through Central Park, see a Broadway show, and shop at Tiffany’s for a bauble or two.  On Thursday night, we decided to see Lee Daniel’s The Butler.  The movie was great, but I just appreciated the company of my friends.  We all have children who are the same age and fortunately, our kids are also good friends.  Even our husbands enjoy the occasional Poker Night together.

I am so glad to be a part of both of these groups.  It’s always nice to know that these women will be there to support me through anything.  The friendships I have with these wonderful ladies is so valuable.  I love and appreciate them everyday.  I hope everyone gets a chance to experience friendship like I do.  It is priceless.  I am one lucky lady.  🙂