Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve.  One of the traditions we share on this night is to drive down Christmas Card Lane.  We go to church early.  Come home and take some pictures by our Christmas tree.  Then, we change and head over to a Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood for dinner.  I don’t know why we started going to Christmas Eve dinner there.  But, I have a feeling it has to do with our favorite movie of the season, A Christmas Story.  In the movie, the family goes to dinner at a Chinese restaurant when their Christmas dinner at home is ruined by the neighbor’s dogs.  After dinner, we go to Christmas Card Lane.

Christmas Card Lane is a few blocks from my home.  Almost all the houses on the street decorate their yards for Christmas.  Most of the houses have a theme.  Like this one has a Spiderman theme.


This house had train tracks going throughout his front yard and around the house.  (I apologize for the blurry photo.  It’s hard to snap pictures when the car is in motion!)

train house

I love how everyone gets into the spirit on this street.  I liked this house where they strung lights over the driveway.

garage lights

It was crowded tonight on Christmas Card Lane.  People were everywhere-walking and driving.  I guess everyone had the same idea we did.  We didn’t stay too long.  My kids were anxious to get home.  They wanted to open the only gift I let them open before Christmas.  They know it’s pajamas.  I always get them Christmas pajamas every year.  On the way home I had to snap this picture of my neighbor’s house.

neighbor 2

My neighbor doesn’t live on Christmas Card Lane, but it looks like he could.  The best part about his light display is that it plays Christmas music.  The lights will blink to the rhythm of the music.  My daughter makes me slow down every time we pass his house.  She rolls down her window just to hear the music.  Finally, we get home.  This is what my house looks like.  Not as many lights as my neighbor, but festive just the same.

yard 2

yard 1

It’s almost time for bed.  My husband and I are enjoying a glass of wine and some snacks.  The kids are still up, but they should be going to bed pretty soon.  After all, they will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Most of the time we have trouble getting them out of bed.  Tomorrow will be a different story.  I guess I won’t be sleeping in tomorrow!  🙂