The Child-Driven Education

Yesterday, after my SDAWP follow-up, I was talking to my friend Linda about Genius Hour.  Linda is an amazing K-1 teacher who has done a lot of work in her classroom on student-centered learning.  She suggested I watch a TedTalk video by Sugata Mitra called The Child-Driven Education.

Wow!  The video was inspiring.  However, it made me realize that, in the future, my job as a teacher may become obsolete.  Perhaps I can be a “granny in the cloud” and just be there to support.  It would be amazing if I could get my students to be problem-solvers, thinkers, creators, and innovators instead of just receptacles of information.  This is what I hope will be an outcome of Genius Hour in my classroom.  I don’t know what will happen.  This could fail miserably, or this experience will be so wonderful that I will have to do it again!  I hope it is the latter.