Professional Growth Day

Today, my district had Professional Growth Day.  It is a non-student day, so teachers could meet to talk and grow professionally.  Students got to stay home.  All teachers in the district from K-12th grade met to discuss math common core standards.  All the 2nd grade teachers in the district met at one school.  The best thing was that the school was only 5 minutes from my house.

I love days like this.  It is so beneficial to be able to talk to teachers at your grade level.  I also got the chance to see teachers that I have worked with before, and touch base with teachers I have met at other inservices throughout the district.  It was like a reunion.

Even though the information shared was something that I had heard before, it is still great to hear it again.  It reminds me of what I need to be concentrating on when I am teaching math.  Math was never my favorite subject in school.  However, I love teaching math to my 2nd graders.  I wish I had been taught math in the way I am teaching math to them right now.  I think I would have a better understanding of it.

After the inservice, I went out to lunch with my 2nd grade team.  We went to a sit-down restaurant.  That’s something we hardly get to do during the school day.  When we finished lunch, we returned to our school site to get ready for next week.  I appreciate getting the time to do this.  Now, I am ready to start my 3 day weekend.