Birthday Eve

It has been a long time since I have posted anything to my blog.  I have been meaning to get back to writing, and I have a million and one excuses for why I took a break.  But, as one of my favorite celebrities, Cesar Millan (aka the Dog Whisperer), says, “Don’t try, just do.”  I figured the eve of my 50th birthday was as good a time as any to try and get back into the blogosphere.  Yes, you heard me right.  It’s the night before my 50th birthday.

I was having a conversation with a student today.  Somehow she heard my birthday was tomorrow.  She asked me if I was excited, and of course I told her I was.  However, I am not excited about birthdays in the same way I was in my teens.  I remember looking forward to the day when I would be another year older.  I would even count the days until my birthday would arrive.  I realize as I get older, I don’t anticipate as much.  Instead, I look back at the year and review.  And when I hit a milestone birthday, like 50, I tend to look back and review the whole decade.  Am I the only one who does this?  God, I hope not.

As I reflect back on my 40s, I realize that I have accomplished and achieved many of the goals I set for myself personally and professionally.  The 40s were awesome.  I can honestly say I am comfortable in my own skin.  I am not as concerned about what other people think of me.  My confidence level has increased compared to my 20s or even 30s.  These days I am all about enjoying myself and trying not to worry so much.  Be happy and celebrate life.  These are the things I would tell my younger self if my present self wrote a letter.

In an effort to celebrate the end of my 40s, my friend (and neighbor), Nicole, gave me the idea that I should do something special for myself every month on the 19th.  She told me this 6 months before my 50th birthday.  So, every month, I gave myself a treat.  Here is a collage of the things I did for myself to celebrate me.  I documented it on Instagram.

glass of Pinot Noir, a ride on a San Francisco trolley car, movies with friends, nonfat dairy-free yogurt, a swim in Mission Bay with Nicole, chocolate mousse cake from Cheesecake Factory

All of this leading up to tomorrow.  I know now that reaching 50, and everyday beyond that, is a gift.  I will not take anything for granted.  I will appreciate all the little things and be thankful for all the big things that happen in my life.  I will not forget to say, “I love you” to the people that matter most to me.  I will remember to be kind to myself.  If I can do all these things, my 50s will be spectacular!

Happy Birthday to me!!  🙂