In a Funk

I realize that  I haven’t been posting anything to my blog in several days.  To be honest, I just haven’t felt much like writing.  It’s sad, I know.  However, I have many things going on in my life these days.  I feel like the person who has plates spinning at the top of sticks.  You need to keep the plates spinning so they don’t come toppling down.

It’s starting to take a toll on me.  Yesterday, I really tried to be organized.  I tried to get my materials ready for the day the night before.  I knew my schedule.  It was going to be busy.  In the morning, I gathered all my materials which included my purse, my school bag, another bag I needed for an after school meeting, and my lunch bag.  When I left for work, I thought I had everything I needed only to find out that I had left my lunch bag at home.  My lunch bag not only included my lunch for the day, but my breakfast, too!  Fortunately, my friend had an extra packet of apple cinnamon oatmeal for me to eat for breakfast.  I ended up going to a drive-through for lunch, so all was well with the world.  After school was over, I headed out to the University of California San Diego  for a meeting.  As I left my school parking lot, I realized I had left my parking permit for UCSD at home.  I had not planned to stop by my house, so it took a few extra minutes to get my permit at home.  This meant I would be a few minutes late to my meeting.  Ugh.

I was glad to get home after the meeting was done.  It was late, and I didn’t feel like writing anything.  I am feeling overwhelmed right about now.  Report cards for school are going out next week.  I have two papers due for my administrative credential program.  I have a presentation to prepare for the San Diego Area Writing Project.  I have to continue teaching my 2nd graders.  And, I have to be a wife and a mom to top things off.  The pain in my neck/back is non-stop.  I need to schedule my massage soon.  In the meantime, I continue to plug along.  I keep doing a little at a time to try and stay ahead of the game.  When is spring break??  I cannot wait.


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