Happy Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  Today I taught my students the words to Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called To Say I Love You.    It’s such a catchy tune.  I love that song for the mere fact that it sends a message that you don’t just have to say “I Love You” when it is Valentine’s Day or on special occasions.  You can say those three words every day, or as Stevie Wonder sang it on any “ordinary day.”  My students loved the song and a few students asked me for a copy of the words so they could sing it after school.  Another one of my students came up to me after we learned it and said, “I just want to sing that song a million times.”  🙂  I thought that was cute.  Love is my 2014 word of the year.  Any time I can spread love is great!

Today, especially, love is visible in the commercial items that you can buy in many stores.  Flowers, cards, and balloons are given and received.  I am happy there is a day devoted to my word.  But, it is equally important to keep giving love all year round.  It’s just like the Beatles sang, ” The love you take is equal to the love you make.”  To get love you have to give it.  That’s why I was tickled when I took my daughter to her orthodontist appointment.  The assistant asked me if I wanted to pick a heart sticker out of her bucket.  My daughter was looking at me like, “No way!”  I thought, “Sure!”  I put my hand in the bucket and pulled out a heart.  Guess what it said?  LOVE.  I thought, “Perfect!”


Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers in the world.  Don’t forget to say I love you often.


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