A Crazy Day

My crazy day from yesterday spilled over into today.  Sleep was just a little break before I had to start running again.  Fortunately, I did not work out early this morning.  And, I am not morning carpool mom either.  That meant I got to sleep in for a few extra minutes.  I love when that happens.  I didn’t sleep in for too long, because I had to get to work early.  I needed to get my plans organized and ready for the substitute teacher.  Then, I had to set up for the GATE test.  I didn’t actually get to catch my breath until my first group of students began working on their test.  Altogether, I proctored five testing sessions.  I did not get a break for recess, but I did get my full lunch break (40 minutes).

After school, I had to organize all the testing materials and booklets.  Then, I returned to my classroom to take down a bulletin board to comply with our recent fire inspection.  Apparently, too much paper on the walls is against the fire code.  After I got that done, I had to write more substitute teacher plans because I am going to be attending a meeting on learning management platforms.  I am worried about being out of my classroom for two days straight.  The students seem to be bouncing off the walls when I get back to the classroom.  There is so much extra “stuff” that is involved with my job.  It amazes me.  There are so many things that take my attention away from just teaching.  It can be overwhelming.

I suppose that is one of the reasons I get up early and exercise before work.  I consider that “me’ time.  It also relieves some of the stress that builds up.  I started a new workout program last week.  Now, I am just walking around with sore muscles all the time.  My aching muscles take my mind off of the 50 million things I need to get done in my life.  Tomorrow, is a workout day.  That means I have to get up at 4:15 in the morning.  I better get to bed so I am ready to go.  I am going to pray that tomorrow I get to slow down.


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