The Chargers Are Out

I am waiting for 2014 to get better.  It’s still early, so I am very optimistic.  My San Diego Chargers lost today in the divisional playoffs.  I don’t really want to talk (or write) about it.  Their loss to the Denver Broncos stung a bit since we beat them a few months earlier.  This means they are out of the playoffs and their journey to the Super Bowl has ended.  It has put a damper on my Sunday evening.  I wish the outcome would have been different.  I was really hoping they would win.  I even got my nails done in Charger blue this morning.  Oh well.  They weren’t even supposed to make it this far.  The start to the season was pretty dismal.  So, I guess this year is considered to be a success.  There is always next year.  It sure was a fun ride.  Thank you, Chargers, for making this an exciting season.  I look forward to the next one!

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