More Sad News

Oh my.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse.  It’s so upsetting to say.  My surviving bunny passed away.  We had been worried about Belle since Mickey died.  She seemed out of sorts.  Not responsive.  As I stated yesterday, the vet told us to keep an eye on her and make sure she was eating and drinking.  We were even making plans to get another bunny this weekend and give Belle a new companion.

When I returned from work, my daughters and I went into the garage to make sure Belle was eating.  It didn’t look like she had.  We watched her for a few minutes.  We tried talking to her and petting her.  Belle was always so skittish around us.  Mickey was the more social of the two bunnies.  Anyway, she didn’t seem to mind that we were around, petting her.  My daughters and I went back into the house to finish homework and settle in for the evening.  A few hours later, my youngest daughter, Allison, went to go and check on Belle one more time.  She came running in the house from the garage and told me that Belle was going crazy.  I asked her what she meant by that.  She said that Belle was hopping around going crazy in the pen.  She was throwing herself onto the wall of the pen.  We both ran out to see what was happening and that’s when we discovered Belle laying on the ground motionless.  We ran back into the house to call my husband.  He went to go investigate.  When he returned, he confirmed what Allison and I thought.  Belle was gone.

Allison was upset.  She said she would never be able to get that picture of Belle out of her mind.  She commented that Belle had committed bunny suicide.  I think Belle died of a broken heart.  Ugh.  It’s so horrible.  2014 isn’t starting out so great.  I hope it gets better soon.

Mickey and Belle together


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