Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Our beloved bunny, Mickey, passed away some time last night.  My husband discovered her this morning.  It was sad.  I think she was just so traumatized by the whole bobcat thing.  It was just too much to get over.

Now, I move my concern over to the bunny that is left behind.  Belle seems like she is hanging in there.  However, I do not know much about bunnies, much less bonded bunnies.  I put a call in to our vet.  She told us to watch for certain behaviors, like not eating or drinking enough.  I am sure Belle is wondering where Mickey is.  We are hoping that she is going to pull through this.  My daughter thinks Belle is going to die of a broken heart.  She is hoping we will get another bunny friend for Belle.  I don’t know if that is a possibility.  I am secretly hoping it will not come down to that.

I feel bad that the last photo I posted was of Mickey without her ear.  It is not a very happy photo.  So, I am going to post a picture of Mickey in happier times.  We will always remember her.


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