It’s Baaaack!

Early this morning (around 3:00 A.M.), my husband and I were awakened by loud thumping coming from the bunny hutch in our backyard.  If you recall from my previous post, A Bobcat on the Loose, we had moved our bunnies into our garage because a bobcat was stalking them.  About one month ago, we returned our bunnies to their hutch in the backyard.  We had not seen any sign of the bobcat since we had put the bunnies inside.  We thought we were safe putting the bunnies back outside.

My husband was the first to awake, so he went downstairs to check out what all the commotion was about.  Sure enough, it was the bobcat.  However, my husband said he didn’t think it was the same one we had spotted in our yard last month.  He said this bobcat looked different, not as big, and more stocky.

It didn’t matter whether or not the bobcat was the same one or not.  This one managed to sever one of my bunnies’ ears.  My husband discovered this when he shined a flashlight on the bunnies to make sure they were okay.  Bunnies are prone to heart attacks if they are startled.  My husband noticed that Mickey did not look right and that’s when he saw that one of her ears was missing.  He called the emergency vet immediately.  The vet told him there was pretty much nothing they could do for Mickey.  They asked my husband if Mickey was bleeding.  Amazingly, there was no blood.  My husband and I are still baffled by that.  The vet told my husband that if Mickey was bleeding, they could stitch her up.  There was no blood, so it was not neccessary.  The vet also told my husband that when bunnies fight, they usually go for the ears.  So, it was not unusual to see a bunny with only one ear, especially if they had been in some kind of fight.

Mickey looks like she is doing okay.  I am sure she is traumatized by the whole thing.  However, I don’t know.  Maybe I am projecting my human feelings over to my bunny.  I just know that I am sad every time I look at her.  In any case, we moved the bunnies back into the garage.  My husband is going to try to find a permanent place for them in our garage.  I will feel better if they are inside.  In the end,  I am just happy Mickey is still alive.


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