Happy Friday

This has been a great day.  No, nothing exciting happened.  I didn’t win the lottery.  I am just happy it is Friday.  I am definitely ready to start my weekend.

I woke up in a great mood.  The San Diego Chargers beat the Denver Broncos last night.  And, I carried that good feeling with me into today.  I knew they could do it!  🙂

School went well.  I did an art project with my students based on a painting by Li T’ang.  The painting was called Man and Child on Buffalo.  My students painted trees in the style of Li T’ang.  We used sticks to paint the trees.  I forgot to take pictures of my students’ paintings.  However, here is the print we studied before we did the project.

It was also minimum day at my school.  The students are dismissed at 12:55.  I was able to get a lot accomplished after school, in spite of having a 2nd grade team meeting.  And, I actually left work at a reasonable time.
Tonight, my daughter has a band concert.  It starts at 7:00 P.M. and lasts about 2 hours.  It will be a nice ending to a good day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, just like I did.

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