Holiday Cheer

It’s that time of year. The rush of the holidays has begun. I swear. It seems like Christmas is just around the corner. People, me included, tend to be more stressed out than usual. I’m trying very hard to keep things in check. I’m trying to be more aware when my blood pressure starts to rise. I find taking deep breaths really helps.

In any case, today I was able to go to a retail shop in my local mall.  It was early enough.  There were not very many people in the shop.  I was able to  find the items I wanted, so I made my way to the cash register.  There was one person working the register, and he was helping a customer.   I waited patiently and a few minutes later, an elderly woman got in line behind me.  It turned out I knew the customer in front of me.  We briefly exchanged hellos and how do you dos.  I don’t think that sat well with the woman behind me.  It was my turn, so I brought my items to the counter.  I asked the employee if I could see something behind the counter.  That’s when I heard the woman behind me let out a big sigh and say under her breath, but loud enough for me to here, “Oh, come on!”  Maybe she was in a hurry.  Maybe she was having a bad day.  I don’t know.  But, it made me want to take my time.  I wanted to turn around and tell her that her attitude wasn’t going to make me go any faster.  However, I thought better of it.  I remained pleasant and took my time buying my purchases.

I will have to remember this when I am out and about trying to finish my Christmas shopping.  My negative attitude is not going to make the line move any faster.  Instead, I should remember to take deep breaths and think of a happy place.  When all else fails, I should just smile and try to spread holiday cheer.

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