An After-School Visit

A few months ago, I got this message in my email inbox.


I was tickled pink to get this email.  It was from a former student who is now in 4th grade.  This particular student and the ones she mentions in the email were in my 2nd/3rd combination class last year.  I was lucky enough to have them in my class for two years, because they came to me as second graders.  In any case, I replied that I would be sad if they didn’t come to visit me.  I also said their visits were the highlight of my day.  So, it is now December.  These kids still come to visit me after school just to see how my day has been.  I get to ask them what they are learning in 4th grade.  They don’t come every day,  and they don’t all come at once.  Sometimes they come in pairs.  Sometimes they come in triads.  And, sometimes they come in a huge group.  Today was one such day.  On this day, a student who has never come by to visit this year decided to join the regulars and pay me one.  I don’t know what prompted it, but it was nice that he felt comfortable to stop by.  Later, I found out from his teacher that he was having a rough day.  His father went in for shoulder surgery this morning, and he was pretty anxious about it.  Maybe it helped him feel better to be with his classmates from last year (They aren’t in the same class this year.).  Whatever the reason, I hope these visits continue.  I am thinking by the end of the year, my after-school visits will start to fizz out.  I hope not.  I guess you just never know what kind of effect you have on your students.  I like to think that in some way I have made a small difference in their young lives.  I think I will continue to feel that way even if my after-school visits end.


4 thoughts on “An After-School Visit

  1. That is such a beautiful story of connections that we make as teachers, and how having an open door can be something special for teachers and students. I love that they still want to connect and that they do. When my sixth graders leave me, they go to the middle school, and when I see them from time to time, they have grown so much that I sometimes have trouble recognizing them. I am pleasantly jealous of your situation. It shows that learning goes beyond the books and skills that we teach. And kudos to the kids for following through, too. Thanks for sharing.
    PS — you are my fourth comment for the my 50 comments/ 50 blogs/ 50 days for #nerdlution, and it was such a nice post to start my morning with. Take care!

    • Kevin,
      Thank you for such a nice reply to my story. I see you are participating in #nerdlution. I am kind of doing it stealth. I received a retweet about it from Kim Douillard and thought I would give it a try. I am not really tweeting anything about my progress, except to keep track of my blog posts. I am just trying for 50 blogs. Tonight I will work on Day 4. Right now, I am off to work!

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