Getting Back In The Game

It has been a few days since I posted anything to my blog.  I feel bad about it.  It’s the same feeling I get when I skip a day or two of running.  I know it is something I should do, but I am not motivated to do it.   I hear the voice in my head telling me not to beat myself up over it.  This voice urges me to get back in the game.

I have a few reasons why I have been putting off posting anything.  One reason is, I have an assignment due for one of my administrative credential classes.  I worked on it today and am just about ready to turn it in.  Another reason is, my family is coming over to my house for Thanksgiving this year.  Although everyone brings something to share, getting the house clean and ready for guests is stressful.  Fortunately, my children helped me, and the house is good to go.  A third reason is, I have nothing to write about.  I now have an understanding of what my students go through when I ask them to write in class.  Sometimes there is just nothing to say.  I need to remember that it is okay if they have nothing to write about and honor that.  I can also share with them that I have days like that, too.

Earlier today, I stumbled across an envelope that was hidden in a pile of papers in the corner of my kitchen counter.  It was a corner I needed to tackle during our cleaning session today.  I needed that pile of papers off the counter before my family arrived for Thanksgiving.  The envelope had my name on it, so I looked at the contents.  There was a card and several small slips of paper inside.  The card was from my writing response group mentor-Susan.  She is a veteran SDAWP fellow who mentored me during last summer’s Summer Institute.  She wrote a nice note to me in the card, but what she wrote on one of the slips of paper caused me to sit down and write tonight.  She wrote a lot about the state of education today, but what struck me is her last paragraph.  Here is what Susan wrote,

As you return to your site, breathe deep.  Infuse your teaching with a newfound power and freedom.  Remember we’re here-in study groups, follow-ups, and conferences.  You’re not alone, even though at times it may feel isolating.  Keep your values true, your experiences writing and learning fresh, honor the larger truths and issues we’ve only just begun to uncover here, and continue writing.  Play at it; work at it; but write!

I decided to take Susan’s advice and just write, even if what I am writing is about nothing (Why am I thinking of the T.V. show, Seinfeld, which was a show about nothing? 🙂 ).  I just need to get back into the habit of writing something, anything, down.  So, here I am getting back into the game.  I am going to try to do better.  That’s all I can do, right?  And, if I skip a few days here or there, that’s okay, too.  I guess the thing to remember is that my blog will be here ready for my stories to come out whenever that may be.

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