So Long Summer Vacation

I bid you a fond farewell.  Even though my family did not travel anywhere far away, we managed to squeeze in a staycation on Mission Bay.  That was one of the highlights of my time off from the classroom.  The other was becoming a San Diego Area Writing Project Fellow.  Here is a funny cartoon from yesterday’s editorial section of the Union Tribune.  My friend, Barbara, shared it with me.

What I did

This cartoon made me chuckle.  While the students were off having a good time on their vacations, the teacher was busy studying, learning, and getting up to speed on Common Core, technology, and even security training.  I can connect with the teacher in the cartoon because I attended the SDAWP Summer Institute to learn how to teach writing effectively.  I went to a math workshop to gain knowledge about the common core standards.  I also attended an iPad inservice to see what apps to use in my classroom.  So, I didn’t really have a vacation in the true sense of the word.  I was busy reading resource books, studying new math strategies, and learning about myself as a writer.  My brain is so full it feels like it is about to explode.  I can’t wait to use the new information that I have learned with my new 2nd graders.  In the meantime, I will look forward to next summer when I can take a “real” vacation!


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