Photo Challenge: Angles

As many of you know, I have been participating in SDAWP (San Diego Area Writing Project) Photo-A-Day Challenge. This week the challenge was angles. Each day of the week we were to post a picture that depicts angles of some sort. At the beginning of the week, I seemed to concentrate on angles that were part of geometric shapes, like in the hanging lantern I took at my friend, Geralyn’s, house.


Then I would notice angles incorporated into the architecture of buildings. I took the first picture at my friend, Evelyn’s, school.  I was there for a meeting and noticed the right angles of the posts that held up the covering. The next two photos were taken at my district’s office building. The shadow on the wall was created by the skylight in the ceiling. I enjoyed trying to find angles on and in buildings.




I realized that I could see angles in different ways thanks to my friend, Kim. She posted pictures that were not of geometric shapes or architecture. She tried to look at angles from a different perspective. For example, she posted a picture of a lizard on a wall that was lounging at a particular angle. In another photo, she showed a bird taking a certain angle as it swooped down to land on the beach.  She took pictures of rock formations showing various angles as they jutted out from one another. I liked how her photos showed angles that happened naturally. So I decided to think about angles apart from geometric shapes.  I remember this photo I took of a wheelbarrow.  I noticed how the bucket was placed on top in a precarious manner.  I liked how my photo depicted the bucket at an angle. I also liked that it was not another picture of a building or a geometric shape.  It was definitely different from my other photos.


I got to thinking how great it would be to encourage this kind of seeing in my classroom. There are many ways to see solutions to problems. One way is not necessarily better than another. It’s just different.  My hope is that I will be able to help my students realize this. And, I want to encourage them to be accepting of other people’s points of view. It is always a great feeling when I hear a student say, “Oh, I never thought of it that way before.”  Or, they say, “Oh, now I see how they got that answer.” My challenge will be to make sure that everyone’s voice can be heard. I have to make it so my students feel comfortable enough to share their ideas with each other.  I will begin that challenge this week. I hope I accomplish it.


One thought on “Photo Challenge: Angles

  1. Hi Judy,

    I love the way our photos impact the way we “see” our theme for the week. I know that I am always pushing myself to find less typical photos. (But then again I have taken a picture a day for more than a year now!)


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